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Welcome! First of all thank you in advance for reading this short summary of me, it means a lot!

I am Attila Gallik, I work in Budapest, Hungary as a freelancer. My expertise are in 3d modeling and texturing, digital painting and web design. I like to think about the world, future, imagine what tomorrow brings. This thinking have brought me close to creative professions like web design or 3d. And of course I was always interested in the special effects of movies and TV shows. I worked as web developer and designer for about 4-5 years. From 2015 I am freelancer and I am strongly working on my 3d carrier, and on drawing.

Below You can read about my education and You can glimpse into my thinking. If I can help your projects in any way, don’t hesitate to contact me in the contact form below, or call me on skype or phone.


First I studied in Számalk High School. In that 2 years I learned a lot about graphics, design and about other related subjects and here I met Digital Painting. That drove me to start practicing more painting on my computer.

In 2013 I completed a 3ds Max Course at 3D Home. It was really a game changer for me. Years of amateur level Maya experience was changed by Professional 3ds Max knowledge just under a couple of months and I earned an international certificate.

In 2015 I’ve made the change from web to 3d, and started working as a freelancer. Since then I learned Substance Painter, NDO, Marmoset Toolbag and lots of other useful things or software. I am confident, that this learning process will never stop.

Philosophy and Creativity

Since my childhood I loved sci-fi, technology, alien worlds, pretty much everything which was complex and/or abstract. Well, I carried these over to my adult life. I actively follow blogs, facebook pages devoted to these themes. They are a major influence on my work, creativity, even my view of the world and people. I’m also a huge LEGO collector and builder, that’s part of my “create something, design something, imagine something” thinking.

I’m constantly searching new ways to create, finding new themes, areas which are currently unexplored, or just developing. And most of all I always try to be better…at work, at life, at art. If I make mistake, or take a risk, or a difficult task or project, I learn from it, incorporate the knowledge and try to perfect it. This drove me forward all this way in life, and this will drive me tomorrow.

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